Sunday, January 17, 2010

the spy next door

get excited to know about my title n also the image of Jacky Chan..? well...i guess some of u have seen this movie. released on 15jan 2010. i just watch it yesterday. this movie kinda "funny action" . but it was quite exciting n i think Jacky Chan really did a great job. he's a great actor. even his english was not very perfect but on his personality n the way he act, i don't think people will not enjoy the movie. his played a different character in this movie even though the "fighting" thing is still there.

it is the movie about a spy named Bob, who have stop from continuing his job from being a spy n want to concentrate on his life with her gf. n they plan to get married. but the girl's children seems to dislikes him. 1 day, her gf have to leave home a few days to visit her father in hospital. so, Bob decided to take care of her children in a way to create bonding between him n the kids. but that is where trouble arises.

wanna know what happened..? owh..u guys better watch this movie especially for the "Jacky Chan" lovers . i'm sure u'll not regret..i give 80 out of 100.

**the kids was very talented n funny.yet adorable**

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