Friday, October 16, 2009

time goes by..

lame sudah tak menulis blog. huh. hari2ku agak bz. biase la dah hujung sem ni. mcm2 kena submit. presentation n also test. hmm.. penat sgt2. but my life still goes normal.=)

smlm seharian mmg rase sgt2 penat kerana kelas habis
almost 7pm. wow. lecturer nak hbskan smue presentation. xpela. it's fun jgk. my class mmg happening n sporting. nice presentation. congrats!

luckily, presentation n test semua dah settle. juz tinggal bel presentation n test FMI next week. n then final examination. aww.!! takutnyer.. no u don't have to takut if u dah study.heee~

OMG my convocation day is only a week to go! yay! can't wait.
25th oct 2009. utk sahabat2ku jgk, happy graduation day! heheee...jgn lupe. lots of sweet moment to capture on ur camera!!

*congrats to all yg akan graduate on this 71st convocation of UiTM..don't forget to bring e flowers..eheehee*

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